My passion for vampires comes from a curiosity about what hides in the pit of the night, when the world is asleep and all falls silent. I wish to be brave enough to walk outside in the woods and look for myself and maybe see a being that shouldn’t be, but instead, I reach out to all that is available to me and research what is now often refers to as the paranormal.

My first novel series I have ever read on my own was Goosebumps by R. L. Stine who with his captivating spooky words, got me hooked on what could be strange and dormant until we lay our head down to sleep. Then, I discovered my the one author who would become my model and my favorite of all time, Stephen King.

Growing up in a small town, with woods far in the backyard, raised by my grandparents with many stories worthy of being told around a camp fire only fed my curiosity more about what could be out there where the eyes can’t see because it is too dark for the mind to even imagine what might be.

Lord Impaler book #1 – Mrs. Blackwood – Official Book Trailer

Growing up watching series such as A HauntingBuffy The Vampire SlayerAre You Afraid Of The Dark to only name a few, I decided to keep a journal of what I would love the most. One word kept on coming back: Vampires. The idea of someone coming back from a side we know nothing of, immortal, immune to diseases, able to hypnotize and control its prey mesmerized me.

It was to the point where I wondered if it would be possible for beings as such to live in a world parallel to our own without us knowing about them? Of course I was still young and naive with an overactive imagination hoping that our world was not as gray as it seemed.

As the year went by, I collected more books about vampires, read all that I could about the paranormal and even romance to have a different view of the creatures. Some were monstrous while others were more dreamy, but one thing remained the same: THEY are the predators and we are the preys.

There are many world built around vampires from many culture and more than one authors. It is somewhat hard to depict where it all truly started for it seems that every culture has its own view on the creature and its own name and purpose. While some think they are vulnerable, others think they are demons. Just like mythology, vampires have found its way in almost every continent in every folklore.

It almost brings up the question : Were they ever real? Are they still among us? Were they visitors from another world or a race that we hunted to extinction?

Until I know the answer and am satisfied with it, I will not stop looking and writing and researching. Like a star in the night I will blink and shine upon the paths of those who walk the night and stalk the one I am looking for until I see his fangs to prove that my darkest passion always had a reason be.

Author Branding Statement: An overly creative woman who has an odd obsession with research. She brings novels often based on historical findings, or twisted scientific speculations.


A.D. Wayne

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These are official pictures approved by the science fiction/horror author A.D. Wayne. Photographer Nanye — A.D. Wayne logo was done by A. Wayne. The book cover designs was done by A.D. Wayne.


What is your branding statement.

A.D. Wayne: An overly creative woman with an odd obsession with research who brings novel often based on historical findings or twisted scientific speculations.

Question: Is the reason for your main character often being French because you are French yourself?

D. Wayne: Yes. I am from a town named Lorraine in the province of Québec, Canada. My grandparents helped raise me along with my mother. My grandma was from Edmundston, New Brunswick and my grandpa, Montréal. I was accustomed to both French and English.

However, since French is the main language in Québec, I had to learn it mostly through books and television. I was so obsessed with learning it that I would go to the town’s library, get a Stephen King book and read it along with the dictionary. I don’t know if I’d have that same determination today to learn a third language.

Another reason for my main characters to come from my province is because I rarely see it represented in novels and I see it as a “merci” for making me different.

Question: You use vampires as characters of choice in your Gothic series, is there a reason why?

A.D. Wayne: Vampires have been around for millennia. You can find legends and folklore of their presence in humankind’s history as far back as Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia even.

A common ground for all vampires is that they show signs of extreme strength and forceful bite, from where the word vampire came from originally. The reason for vampires to be my main creature of interest is how their appear unbeatable. Having good vampires and bad ones can become quite interesting.

I use vampires to also represent human’s paranoia, political angles as there are the idealist vampires who desire nothing but to share the world with everyone and the conservatives who control and wish to keep things as they are.

Vampires are territorial, strong, and everyone wish they’d be one, including me. Haha.

Lord Impaler Series - The Gravedigger by A.D. Wayne
Lord Impaler Series – The Gravedigger by A.D. Wayne

Question: Tell me more about your love for the paranormal.

A.D. Wayne: It started when I was a kid and I heard my first ghost story about my uncle and his wife living in a haunted house. My great-uncle is a very smart man, techie type of guy and rational. So, if he said he lived in a haunted house, I believe him.

Then, strange things happened to me and later on my husband noticed some activities as well. The amazing possibility that a world with more than just human in it has me wish it real.

The paranormal might be not so far-fetched as we think when doing research on the subject. More and more witnesses are coming forth to share their experiences. I enjoy that possibility.

Question: Is there a reason for having strong female leads?

A.D. Wayne: I believe that 2019 it should not be a surprise that women can take the lead. Along with my husband, I watch the WWE Monday Night RAW and Tuesday Night Smackdown.

After so many years, finally, the women division is now rising to the top and show how strong they can be with amazing professional wrestlers such as Becky Lynch. They are showing the world — at least some of them, that not all women are “Barbies.”

I want my novels to reflect that women can be strong and leaders, just like Ripley did back then with the Alien franchise or Colonel Samantha Carter from the Stargate SG-1 series. 

However, I want my women lead to also be real and relatable, and for that to happen, I learned from my first editor I worked with, Tara M. Clapper — CEO of The Geek Initiative, to ask myself this question, “How would I react to this situation?”

Question: In your Gothic series, many of your characters are victims of mental illnesses, is there a reason?

A.D. Wayne: The thing is, every day I battle PTSD, IBS, chronic anxiety, insomnia, night terrors, cardiophobia, arachnophobia and incarcerophobia. I consider myself quite damaged and I was ashamed. When watching M.A.S.H. and discovered the character of Dr. Sidney I realized that I shouldn’t be. It makes us real.

For that reason, I decided that some of my characters would battle symptoms from their past whether it is a vampire, another creature, or human. We all have our battle scars. 

It is important to me that readers can relate to my characters. Not many are represented in that area in the Gothic genre. I want my stories to feel as real as it could be if they were to be true.

Question: How important is it for you to do research and keep up with new findings?

A.D. Wayne: While some believe the paranormal and Gothic genres don’t require research, I believe it does. Depending on how deep you wish to have your roots in the story, those creatures from vampires to werewolves and more, all have various origins.

Even when it comes to ghost stories, some goes as far back as the Bronze Age. It is quite impressive, but even archeologists and anthropologists are finding evidence of alleged vampire burials and werewolves. There are castles in Austria believed to have hosted those said creatures.

Without research, sometimes it is possible to rob ourselves from potential ideas and founded solid ground for a story. Research is the key for me to create new series and stories.

Question: On your Facebook profile it states that you are a Paranormal Expert, do you believe in the paranormal?

A.D. Wayne: I studied the paranormal since I was child. I had a need to ask and find answers to my many questions. To me, everything needed research. So, in that line of thinking, I kept with my public library on all new books they would have about the unknown and unexplained.

When I found Quora, I started answering questions about the paranormal. I would answer vampire, monster, hauntings, among other questions in the same subjects. Quickly, I built a fanbase and would be requested to answer questions.

More than 700 questions answered later, I was called the Paranormal Expert and a reliable source for answers. It is important to me to create a loyal following but also to have the credential to the claim.

Question: Is it important to you to mix horror with Gothic?

A.D. Wayne: It is important to me to bring the two together. What attracted me most to the genre was the horror factor. The Gothic era itself comes from the Dark Ages. The architectural design of the time and its ever classic style in fashion even, inspires people to this day.

Within the Gothic style, we have classics such as Dracula and Frankenstein’s Monster. The timeless original monsters were born from the Gothic era. To me, they go hand in hand. It just needs to be adjusted to our time.

Gothic is a word that will forever inspire people. Horror is a subject that keeps people coming back. Nobody will ever stop having nightmares.


Favorite Novelists: Stephen King | R.L. Stine | Jeaniene Frost | Oliver Bowden | Dayton Ward | Charlaine Harris | Terry Brooks | J.R.R. Tolkien | C.C. Humphreys | Dora Esquivel.

Favorite Writers: Scott Snyder | George Perez | Tom King | Tony S. Daniel.

Favorite Books/Series: Assassin’s Creed | Sookie Stackhouse | Night Prince | Carrie | Vlad The Last Confession | Misery | Salem’s Lot | The Vampire Chronicles | Vampire Encyclopedia | Love At Stake.

Favorite Fictional Characters: Batman | Eric Northman | Vlad Tepes | Buffy Summers | Aragorn | Bard | Ezio Auditore | Lady Oscar | Jack Sparrow | Lestat de Lioncourt |Mavis Dracula.

Favorite Musicians: Adrian von Ziegler | Bellstop | Exit Eden | Metallica | Marylin Manson | Enya | Bon Jovi | Bryan Adams | Dance Macabre | Blake Shelton | Miranda Lambert | Garbage | Heart | Jace Everett | Peter Gundry | The Bangles | Céline Dion | Lara Fabian | Bruno Pelletier | Julie Masse | Disturbed | Five Finger Death Punch | Aerosmith.

Favorite Shows: True Blood | Bob’s Burgers | Hotel Transylvania – The Series | The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | The Last Kingdom | The Twilight Zone | Hemlock Grove | The Walking Dead (until season 5) | Terror in the Woods | Evil Encounters | A Haunting.

Favorite Movies: The Lion King 1994 | The Dark Knight Trilogy | Dracula Untold | 30 Days of Nights | The Conjuring | Poltergeist | Paranormal Activity | Lord of the Rings | The Hobbit | Misery | The Descent | Hotel Transylvania | Let The Right One In | 28 Days Later | Interview with the Vampire | Robing Hood Prince of Thieves.

Writing Experience: The Geek Initiative | Dark Knight News | Gothic Bite Magazine | The OCD Nerd Magazine | Freelance Editing.


Series: Lord Impaler
Title: The Gravedigger
Tagline Series: You are afraid of monsters, let us in the ring, we’ll show you what that big word means. 
Tagline: I was Lord Impaler once I can become him again. 
Elevator Pitch: A blood witch need Vlad the Impaler to join her coven. 

Clémentine Lyons is an anthropologist and vampirologist working with other specialists to break the news to the masses about the “monsters.” When discovering the remains of a legitimate vampire corpse near the Moosham Castle in Austria, Clémentine was shun and more determined than ever to prove she was right.

In her attempt, she found herself face to face with her all-time hero, the one man who brought terror in the fifteenth century. She met the one man who inspired the legendary tale of Dracula, alive, well, and vampire.

In need of assistance from a gifted, Clémentine agrees to help him but quickly must sacrifice her life to save The Impaler who in returns, saves her but to what price? The world of monster is crawling with blood, terror, and if someone with the name Impaler needs help, who or what is causing him fear.

Contact Detail:

Book Angle: A historian self-made vampirologist finds the remains of a true vampire, but is forced to abandoned her research. With the help of her team, she finds herself invited to a vampire gathering where she comes face to face with her 14th century hero who needs her help.


Release: 2020-01-31
Publisher: Self-Published | Amazon
Type: Ebook | Paperback | Variant Covers.
Audience: 18+.
Theme: Gothic.
Genre: Epic.
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Title: Lord Impaler — The Gravedigger #2
Author: A.D. Wayne
Editor: Kendra Hale | Rebecca Hill.
Graphic Designer: A.D. Wayne
Genre: Epic Gothic.
Price Paperback: $12.99.
Price Ebook: 8.99.
Pages: 337 pages.
ISBN 13: 978-1999560362
ISBN 10: 1999560361
Publication Date: Tuesday, January 31st, 2020.

Clémentine Lyons is a historian and vampirologist working with other specialists to break the news to the masses about those “monsters.” When discovering the remains of a true vampire in Austria, Clémentine was shun and more determined than ever to prove she was right.

In her attempt, she found herself face to face with her all-time hero, the one man who brought terror in the fifteenth century. She met the one man who inspired the legendary tale of Dracula, alive, well, and vampire.

In need of assistance from a gifted, Clémentine agrees but quickly must sacrifice her life to save The Impaler who in returns, saves her but to what price? The world of monster is crawling with blood, terror, and if someone with the name Impaler needs help, who or what is causing him fear?

Formats Available: Ebook | Paperback | Variant Covers.
Available On: Amazon.
Testimonials: — To come.


Chapter 1: Choose Your Death

The vampire used his sleeve to wipe the sanguine liquid dripping from his mouth. He looked up toward the tall and dark leader vampire and said, “It’s strange hearing those words from the one who used to have a forest of impaled bodies…remind me how many were there, twenty, thirty, or was it—”

“A hundred thousand, and don’t make me add you to that list!” He shouted through his smoky voice, adding with a carved frown as he pulled him back up against the wall by the collar of his shirt, “Don’t think for one moment that because you’re part of Matthias’ House that I won’t hesitate to impale you and turn you inside out! You, filthy piece of shit!”

“I was sent by Corvinus to keep an eye on your doings, Vladislav. The High Council is doubting your loyalty to our people.” His voice, reminiscent of a snake crawled up Vlad’s skin and so he stared at the bloodsucker with his vampire’s eyes, showing a red dot in his pupils.

“You’re abusing your rank, Fredrick.”
“Corvinus paid me to be your shadow, and so I shall be.”

Vladislav lost patience and threw Fredrick out of the boudoir and closed the double doors. “Piss off!”

As he walked back toward the fireplace, near his friend Francois, he thought about the many rules to follow as a vampire leader. These rules had been in place ever since he was turned. His name had him placed on the highest of ranks. His actions had him feared by many vampires that demanded proof of his maker but found none. It had Vladislav seen as a first. In spite of it all, his reputation and life as a human, who had died over five centuries ago, Vladislav had to comply with the Dark Ages Council.

Fredrick belonged to Matthias Corvinus’ House, a man who stabbed him in the back, and sold him out to their enemy back when he was human. Vladislav despised the conservative vampires, all part of the Dark Ages Council. As he was the leader of the idealists, those who wished to be part of the human world, one female vampire was the opposite and protected the old ways. Many cherished traditions, Fredrick was one who enjoyed applying traditions, ever since he was turned around eight hundred years ago.

Vladislav felt a pat on his back, then the hand moved to his shoulder with a strong grip, “Like it or not my friend, if you don’t control yourself and start acting with that overly high IQ brain of yours, you’ll perish at Matthias’ hand once again.”

“I lost my token, Francois. If I don’t find it soon, I’ll die no matter what.”
“Any leads on who took it?”
“All of those I suspected came out clean. I need a witch to help me find it and find the rat who sold me out, again.”

All of the conservatives Vladislav suspected stealing his token came out clean once under his mindspell. He thought because idealists desired nothing more than to live at peace with humans, that those opposed to it and fighting for the old ways would send someone to steal his one object preventing him from turning to a puddle of muddy blood. Yet, he came out empty-handed. The smell of burning logs from the fireplace brought comfort to Vladislav’s mind, but his problems kept surfacing, and when Francois showed a grin, he bent over to stare at his computer screen.

“This is Lara Grandier. She’s a vampirologist and parapsychologist. She teaches classes at three different universities. She’s also the one who found the body of an ancient vampire petrified not too far from the Moosham Castle in Austria. She made the news. She traveled around until she was silenced.”

“Yes. They stopped her from sharing the truth and alienated the body as proof.”

Vladislav looked at her black hair going down her neck, hazel green eyes, and her fair skin. In her picture, she wore a black tank top with a beaked hoodie and had a subtle smile while standing in front of an iron gate. He couldn’t help but smirk when he heard his friend say, “By doing some more research on her, I found that she has a Ph.D. in history and specialized in legends and folklore. She also is part of the Life at Dusk web series.”

Lara showed great talent to the eyes of Vladislav who sometimes had such a hard time believing how far the human race had come. He walked through the renaissance, the world wars, and now the modern time. Each period had vampires forced to adapt and change their habits alongside their vocabulary and ways of expressing themselves. Some habits stuck, but his eye for art never changed when he noticed a link to an artistic portfolio belonging to her.

His eyes wide open, with a murmur, he expressed his admiration, “She does love the Middle Ages.”

“Especially you, look at all those drawings of your reign.” Francois turned his attention to Vladislav, who stared back, “I think we can have her come to us. We just need to use someone to feed her intel on vampires being present at the Halloween celebration.”

“Take a closer look at her name, Vlad. She’s not just important to us because of her knowledge.”

Vladislav read her biography in her art section and gasped, “Katharina.” He then added, “de Lyon…she’s a blood witch.”

Vladislav stood up straight, surprised by Francois’ discovery and as he showed him the team working on the Life at Dusk web series he recognized a Rougarou and an Illusionist. Two other beings were hiding from humans but also rebelling against vampires. Despite being against bringing other species to the Halloween celebration at the mansion, Vladislav agreed to invite the trio. Every year, some innocent human would succumb to the bestial nature of what it meant to be a vampire. He hoped it wouldn’t happen again.

“She’s not just a blood witch, Vlad. She possesses Shamanic abilities.” He took a deep breath despite not needing it per se and added, “No one has that type of odd resume and hasn’t had experience the night. As far as we know, she’s most likely the best at what she does.”

“Why would you think that about her?”

“She found the body of one of the oldest vampires, hidden meters below the ground close to Moosham. How could she have found it if not from someone from the other side? A premonition maybe? Telling her the exact emplacement?” Francois took a good look around him, “We just need to ask Violette to spit intel to her by reaching out to her through email. If we succeed, Violette can drop your name in the pile, and she’ll bite…or you’ll bite before she does.” Vladislav frowned, “Stop drooling all over my computer.”

“I’m claiming her, Francois. No one is to touch her but me. Understood? I don’t want a repetition of last year when your friends turned the celebration into a fucking bloodbath turning thirty-five humans into vampires because of a fucking bet. We’re vampires, not college boys.”

Vladislav thanked Francois for watching after him. However, he feared for a few of his friends showing up to the Halloween festivities. He dreaded an attack from conservatives. Fredrick being only the beginning of infiltration of traditional vampires allying themselves with the conservatives.

“Naten is coming.”
“What about my son?”
“Damian will come alone.” Francois fixed Vlad, “Coralie has to stay behind for her own protection and to keep order in the Southern States while Liam is across the northern border.”

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