We are in the cyber era where everything is one click away. The Internet is available almost everywhere and getting faster than ever. One second you’re a trend, the other you’re in oblivion. One thing doesn’t go unpunished, plagiarism. Where does it stand in the Cyber Age?

First Off

Plagiarism is not new. It traveled the ages for millennia ever since “monkey see monkey do.” We copy what we believe is helpful, get us attention, or make us look cool. It’s no brainer, and it doesn’t take PH.D. in psychology to recognize the signs of people copying what they see.

When I studied art, we would copy what our eyes saw. That is to train the eye to replicate what it sees in detail from shapes to nuances of colors. Graphic Design and Illustration are two practices among many to develop the eye in precise training to copy and mimic. Even recognize whatever it sees and associates it with basic shapes and colors.

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Authors of the New Millennium

The Internet saw the light of day on January 1st, 1983 when ARPANET espoused TCP/IP. It became the “all-network” and today’s Internet. It brought with it unlimited possibilities as it grew — one of them, a competition to the traditional entertainment.

Online Freedom

Just like many fields in entertainment, whether it is art, music, acting, or even writing, education can now be through the Internet. I took both traditional “going to school” art classes and online. It cost a fraction of the price, and I’ve learned more from workshops than I ever did by sitting in a class. Don’t let a building fool you when it comes to entertainment. Why? Because talent speaks for you. Your portfolio is your resume.

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