The Pharaohs of Lord Impaler and Silver & Blood are the same.
The ranks, origins, and government are identical. However, there are many abilities and weaknesses that distinguish the Pharaohs from other Frankensteins and daywalkers.

To simplify the present alternate universe of the two series, here is your Pharaoh guideline to keep you company!

What Are Mummies?

 Back in the day, there were classic monsters vampires, werewolves, the monster of the black lagoon, and mummies. The traditional way of using a mummy comes from the Tutankhamen cursed tomb. The mummified corpse would reanimate and go after people, kill them, and bring terror.

 What Are Pharaohs?

 The overall meaning of the mummy in the horror genre is often repetitive, and A.D. Wayne needed some adjustments. The Pharaoh creature is an inspiration for the classic mummy but with a twist that also makes them unique.

The word having no gender, all the nobility and people that had enough money to go through the mummification are capable of returning. They often hide themselves and even left Egypt if needed.

The Abilities

Immortality: All Pharaohs are immortal beings. They do not age as of the moment they go under the mummification. They are undead beings without organs. Their reanimation gives them back a mind of their own and warmth.

Rejuvenation: Pharaohs must carry with them their original sarcophagus. The sarcophagus is the rejuvenation bed that heals them and keeps them immortal. Without the sarcophagus, Pharaohs would eventually turn to sand and die. The sarcophagus is their healing ability and can heal them from everything.

 Curses: Pharaohs are the rulers of curses. They can cast a curse or break it. Any form of magic has no power over a Pharaoh’s making or breaking of a curse. They can manipulate spells at will.

Sand: The Pharaohs possess the ability to control sand and dirt. They can sink it, turn sand into a storm and stop one if in motion. They can command it unless the Sandman is the one commanding it. The Sandman is the only one above the Pharaoh when it comes to commanding sand and dirt in general.

Scarab: The scarab jewel to a Pharaoh gives them immunity. Pharaohs cannot contract diseases or illnesses. It also permits them to order insects—not arachnids, to either protect them or attack.

The Weaknesses

Pharaohs, as they were in history, are quite skillful. They are neither good nor bad as a cryptid, but are individuals and decide for themselves. Some Pharaohs are solitary and prefer to remain alone while others join other Frankensteins, aka monsters.

Sarcophagus: The older the Pharaoh, the more frequent they need their sarcophagus to regenerate. However, because of them dating back to B.C., they all require about five hours of rejuvenation every week. Their sarcophagus must be the one they laid in when first mummified. They cannot skip a session and must use it regularly.

The sarcophagus can become a liability, as it is significant, worth much money, and hard to hide. The Pharaohs need it, and so they depend on its safety and it to live.

Fire: If a Pharaoh suffers from severe burns or someone uses a flamethrower, the Pharaoh can die. The sarcophagus cannot heal 4th-degree burns.

Water: A Pharaoh turns to mud if thrown in the water. Because their way of dying has them turn to sand if, in contact with water too long, they turn to mud and die.

Decapitation: The Pharaohs cannot survive a decapitation. The body cannot keep functioning as they receive a new mind when reanimated. A decapitation turns them to sand instantly.

Mummified Organs: If a thief steals the organs of a Pharaoh and burns them, drowns them, or proceeds with voodoo, the Pharaoh turns to sand instantly.

Eating Organs: If someone eats the organs of a Pharaoh, that person just ingested their abilities and became one themselves. They need to find the sarcophagus and take the Pharaoh’s place.


Pharaohs have no representative. Each Pharaoh is an individual and answer only to the Nightfall Coven if needed. Each are responsible for their own actions. The only rule is to not engage against the Frankensteins.

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