Monster Companion

The Lord Impaler series as well as the Silver & Blood series are filled with interesting and unique monsters known as Frankensteins. A.D. Wayne keeps a documented list and logbook to keep up with her imagination. Of course, she knows her readers and followers might enjoy the research and what Frankenstein comes next!


The vampires alone are a quite complex family. A.D. Wayne did an intensive amount of research to create her own history and separate vampires by categories and houses.


Witches are part of human history ever since the dawn of time. Some received horrible treatment while others survived. However, witches are too, separated in categories and bloodlines.


Cryptozoology is the pseudoscience of creatures that should not exist or haven yet to be proven to be real. It encompasses many creatures from Bigfoot to the Loch Ness monsters. Of course, there was no stopping A.D. Wayne from incorporating them into her series.


Writing paranormal series wouldn’t be complete without adding one of the most popular monsters out there that is the lycanthrope. Then again, A.D. Wayne researched the history behind the creature and found out that lycanthropy could be divided into categories.


Many forgotten creatures in several folklore mention cannibalism. It was a subject that seemed to be quite frightening at the time and still is to this day. Many monsters share that behvavior and A.D. Wayne decided it was time to revive those monsters!


There are several monsters that are left out in novels focusing on the paranormal. A.D. Wayne is one to remain outside the box and run away. So, she researched those creatures and folklore being to add them to her series and felt it more complete.


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