Lord Impaler Series

The Lord Impaler Series revolves around a vampireologist who discovered that not only vampires were real, but that Earth was quite aware of their existence and hid it from the population. Upon discovering the existence of renown people, one of her greatest heroes comes to her meeting and he went down in history as Vlad the Impaler.

Lord Impaler Series

The Lord Impaler series started with Mrs. Blackwood as the introduction to the series and on Tuesday, January 28th 2020, The Gravedigger is continuing the saga!

The Lord Impaler Series – Mrs. Blackwood official book trailer

Coralie was looking forward to another restful summer in her favorite location. Her life has always been routine, and she thrives on the quiet that her getaway location has to offer. This summer, however, is nothing normal.

She is about to learn that everything she thought was nothing more than folklore is real, and it’s more terrifying in person than it is in the books. As her world turns upside down, she must learn to navigate a new reality and possibly resist the charms of the Sheriff of the South, Damian Blackwood. Although she is intrigued by him, there is a side of him that terrifies her more than she is willing to admit.

There is something at play in the mansion owned by Mr. Blackwood. Dark forces are teaming, just waiting for the right moment to strike. Coralie is about to learn that she might not survive the summer and that there are more secrets lurking that are waiting to be discovered…

Ready to be in the FRANKENSTEIN Force?

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