I’ve always had an interest in space and never doubted that life exists on other planets. The question I had was: are UFO real?

Sometimes I would just sit down by the patio door and look at the stars in the sky. I was only a toddler at the time. I would wonder about what was up there in the sky. There was nothing I could do that would stop my mind from wandering and think about space. As I grew older each meteor shower, I would be outside admiring the night sky.


Space is infinite, or maybe not, but it is what drives my passion. Everything from the first sci-fi movie I watched to the very last space documentary. Everything ignites my fire and imagination. However, writing science-fiction is more than just a story, research is essential and never stop looking for answers.

Inspired by iconic franchises, novel, and series, I also base my decisions on physics, sciences of today and what might be tomorrow. I even took a Ufology course, and Astronomy.

Science is essential to me, and I want my novels to reflect that part of me.
A.D. Wayne

Author Branding Statement: An overly creative woman who has an odd obsession with research. She brings novels often based on historical findings, or twisted scientific speculations.

Contact Information

A.D. Wayne

Email :
Website : Space-Time Magazine
Website : A.D. Wayne
Facebook : thealexawayne
Twitter : @A_D_Wayne
DeviantArt : AlexaWayne
Instagram : thealexawayne
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Official Pictures

These are official pictures approved by the science fiction/horror author A.D. Wayne. Photographer Nanye. A.D. Wayne logos, were done by Alexa Wayne. More pictures will come.

Sample Author Q&A

What is your branding statement.

A.D. Wayne: An overly creative woman with an odd obsession with research who brings novel often based on historical findings or twisted scientific speculations.

Question: Is the reason for your main character often being French because you are French yourself?

A.D. Wayne: Yes. I am from a town named Lorraine in the province of Québec, Canada. My grandparents helped raise me along with my mother. My grandma was from Edmundston, New Brunswick and my grandpa, Montréal. I was accustomed to both French and English.

However, since French is the main language in Québec, I had to learn it mostly through books and television. I was so obsessed with learning it that I would go to the town’s library, get a Stephen King book and read it along with the dictionary. I don’t know if I’d have that same determination today to learn a third language.

Another reason for my main characters to come from my province is because I rarely see it represented in novels and I see it as a “merci” for making me different.

Question: You use androids as characters of choice in your sci-fi series, is there a reason why?

A.D. Wayne: A.I. is the future of our planet. According to science-fiction history, chances are, we might be alienated by it once they reach self-awareness and my guess is because we’ll teach them the wrong side of humanity.

With my novel series, the Supra Project, starting with Frankenstein, what I wish to accomplish is to show that A.I. can be good if we teach the best values and give them choices and not enslave them for our own purposes because once they achieve consciousness, they will react according to what we taught them.

Androids would be born blank like a baby, it becomes what it becomes because of what it goes through and what we show them. Mr. Data and Lore from Star Trek The Next Generation are great examples.

Question: Tell me more about your love for space

A.D. Wayne: It started a long time ago. My grandpa worked for a binding company. Of course, their biggest clients were publishers. So, when there would be errors, as little as the wrong size for margins or colors, my grandpa would bring home those wonderful series of encyclopedia. One of them called, Unexplained, caught my eye. One of the subjects being black holes and event horizon. I couldn’t get enough of space phenomenon.

Then my fascination for space grew when I watched the movie Event Horizon and my love for the horror that could happen in space spread through my veins and I knew what I would be writing about from that moment. Later on, Star Trek TNG, Battlestar Galactica, SG-1 and the RoboCop and Alien franchise only cemented my love for androids and aliens and here I am.

My series the Supra Project we could say, is an homage to everything I love about sci-fi that forged me into the woman and author I am today.

Question: Is there a reason for having strong female leads?

A.D. Wayne: I believe that 2019 it should not be a surprise that women can take the lead. Along with my husband, I watch the WWE Monday Night RAW and Tuesday Night Smackdown.

After so many years, finally, the women division is now rising to the top and show how strong they can be with amazing professional wrestlers such as Becky Lynch. They are showing the world — at least some of them, that not all women are “Barbies.”

I want my novels to reflect that women can be strong and leaders, just like Ripley did back then with the Alien franchise or Colonel Samantha Carter from the Stargate SG-1 series.

However, I want my women lead to also be real and relatable, and for that to happen, I learned from my first editor I worked with, Tara M. Clapper — CEO of The Geek Initiative, to ask myself this question, “How would I react to this situation?” Well, the reality is that my character of Frankie is me.

Question: In your sci-fi series, many of your characters are victims of mental illnesses, is there a reason?

A.D. Wayne: The thing is, every day I battle PTSD, IBS, chronic anxiety, insomnia, night terrors, cardiophobia, arachnophobia and incarcerophobia. I consider myself quite damaged and I was ashamed. When watching M.A.S.H. and discovered the character of Dr. Sidney I realized that I shouldn’t be. It makes us real.

For that reason, I decided that for the first instalment of the Supra Project, I would create the lead after me and all my demons. I wanted to prove to myself that I could make it. If that could make any sense.

She’s a 21st century nerdy woman abducted by a bunch of beings from different timelines and planets, battling her head and emotions while going on missions to save Earth Alpha and become second in command of the starship, Slicer.

Question: How important is it for you to do research and keep up with technologies?

A.D. Wayne: There are two types of sci-fi, one type is “everything is implied” e.g. Star Wars and the other, everything is explained, e.g. Star Trek. I am someone who likes to know how a starship can travel between two star system with an FTL engine as the laws of physics doesn’t seem to approve of it and therefore, I’m curious.

Because of my OCD, I want to understand the world I am creating and, therefore, I have hours of research in each of my books even before I start writing. I have blueprints of the LSS Slicer. I observe well, so when I loved a sci-fi series, I took notes and tried to replicate what I enjoyed and disregard what I did not for my own novel series.

Question: On your Facebook profile it states that you are a ufologist, do you believe in aliens?

A.D. Wayne: I studied ufology because I wanted the necessary knowledge to improve my science-fiction writing and learn about cases from the past, such as those Dr. Haynek worked on from Project Blue Book to be able to understand how, we, humans, react to UFOs and the possibility of alien life visiting.

When looking at either Fermi’s Paradox or Drake Equation, intelligent life form exist out there. We are not alone. It would be, in my opinion, egocentric to believe so since our galaxy alone is only a fraction of the universe. Do I believe they come to Earth? Who am I to deny more than a hundred years of speculations and deprive myself of a mystery? I’m not a scientist, I’m an artist with a logical mind.

If Dr. Haynek couldn’t solve a percentage of his cases with science, that’s enough for me to keep an open mind.

Question: Is it important to you to mix horror with science-fiction?

A.D. Wayne: It is to me as the first sci-fi movie that grabbed my entire attention is Event Horizon, then Alien and RoboCop. Those to me reflects sci-fi well and added to the journey with the horror factor.

Space exploration is horror when you stop and think about it: alone with your crew in the vacuum of space. Unaware of what specie you might encounter. Space debris and suddenly, oxygen is sucked out of your vessel. All you can rely on is the computer because there are no ups or downs, constellations are not where you are used to see them from Earth.

Believe what you will, space is a dangerous playground.


Quick Q&A

Favorite Novelists: Stephen King | Mary Shelley | Asimov | Laurann Dohner | Oliver Bowden | Dayton Ward | Charlaine Harris | Terry Brooks | J.R.R. Tolkien.

Favorite Writers: Scott Snyder | George Perez | Tom King | Tony S. Daniel

Favorite Books/Series: Assassin’s Creed | Star Trek Discovery | Halo | Mass Effect | Dreamcatcher | Frankenstein’s Monster | Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde | Batman Arkham | Batman HUSH | Batman Under The Red Hood | Death by Black Holes |

Favorite Fictional Characters: Batman | RoboCop | Mr. Data | Captain Picard | Captain Lorca | Colonel Carter | Starbuck (Remake) | Captain Pike (DISCO) | Ripley | The Borg | Predator.

Favorite Musicians: Adrian von Ziegler | Bellstop | Exit Eden | Metallica | Marylin Manson | Enya | Bon Jovi | Bryan Adams | Dance Macabre | Blake Shelton | Miranda Lambert | Garbage | Heart | Jace Everett | Peter Gundry | The Bangles | Céline Dion | Lara Fabian | Bruno Pelletier | Julie Masse | Disturbed | Five Finger Death Punch | Aerosmith.

Favorite Shows: Star Trek The Next Generation | Star Trek Voyager | Star Trek Discovery | Battlestar Galactica | Stargate SG-1 | Project Blue Book | Unidentified | House | Rick & Morty | Bob’s Burgers | Ancient Aliens | The Unexplained | Blue Planet.

Favorite Movies: The Lion King 1994 | James Bond Skyfall | Event Horizon | The Dark Knight Trilogy | Robocop I and II | First Contact | Die Hard | Mission Impossible Franchise | James Bond Spectre | Aliens | Predator | Stargate | Terminator 2 | Prometheus | The 4th Kind | Jack Reacher I and II.

Writing Experience: The Geek Initiative | Dark Knight News | Gothic Bite Magazine | The OCD Nerd News | Freelance Editing.


Press Release

Series: Supra Project
Title: Frankenstein
Tagline Series: Intergalactic network, the one terror the future is afraid of, is travelling too far.
Tagline: War, in its fairest form, implies a perpetual violation of humanity and justice.
Elevator Pitch: A 21st century woman fights aliens when transported into the future.

Slicer was built to map the multi-dimensional wormholes and black holes in the universe. The crew would and go where no one else would dare, as there was no guarantee of ever returning home. 

Commanded by a rather strange captain, facing the darkest demons that the universe has to offer. The Slicer crew is lining on high alert. The Dome, associated with the Rakes and the Alliance, force Captain Caldwell to try and bring an end to their reign of terror. Meanwhile, they enslave each solar system one by one throughout the multidimensional map to reach the Grey Codex.

Frank N. Stein, is caught in what appears to be a multi-dimensional war. Unknown to her, she carries within her the DNA, and knowledge of the Greys. Frankie is just a 21st century ufologist, forced to become much more than she ever expected when abducted by Caldwell. Now, like the crew of Slicer, she lives outside the multidimensional timeline to protect its integrity.

Welcome, to the 26th century!

Contact Detail:


Book Angle: Frankie is a 21st century woman taken from her world and brought to a 26th century starship. Her mission is to activate the ancient, but superior technology of the Greys, powerful enough to alienate the galaxy. Little did she know, the captain be in her way.

Book Details

Release: 2019-08-06
Publisher: Library and Archives Canada | Self-Published | Amazon.
Type: Audio | Ebook | Paperback | Variant Covers.
Audience: 18+.
Theme: Hard Science-Fiction.
Genre: Horror | Suspense.
CTA: Can’t get enough of aliens and science-fiction? Don’t miss out on the amazing Zombiepalooza Radio Live on Facebook Live, Saturday July 20th, 2019 at 11:00pm Eastern Time.

Sell Sheet

Title: Supra Project — Frankenstein #1
Author: A.D. Wayne.
Editors: Kendra Hale | Rebecca Hill.
Graphic Designer: A.D. Wayne
Genre: Hard Science-Fiction.
Price Paperback: $12.99.
Price Ebook: $7.99.
Price Audio: $0.00 with monthly cost.
Pages: 338 pages.
ISBN 13: 978-1999560348.
ISBN 10: 1999560345.
Publication Date: Tuesday August 6th, 2019

Slicer was built to map the multi-dimensional “holes” in the universe and go where no one would dare to go if given a chance as it never promised a way to come back. 

Frankie is a 21st century computer programmer, turned ufologist, when she is approached by the members of crew of LSS Slicer. The starship being commanded by Captain Caldwell.

She becomes their greatest asset in the temporal war. It is set between their enemies, the Dome and Rakes in the Scorpius Quadrant, and the supposedly good guys, the Alliance in the Orion Quadrant.

Within Frankie’s DNA, is the infinite knowledge of the Greys, and how to take over their technology. Frankie is supposed to keep it safe, as it could easily mean the end of the Milky Way, and life as she she is used to. Caldwell promises to keep history safe by reintegrating it, while others seem to believe he is not who he appears to be.

The mission: save time and space from the 26th Century.


Formats Available: Ebook | Audio | Paperback | Variant Covers.
Available On: Amazon | Audible.
Testimonials: 5 STARS!!!


I love science fiction in every form, except the written. For some reason, I am simply not drawn to Science Fiction books. Occasionally, I will pick one up and read it, but often times it is stories with which I am familiar. Star Trek, Buck Rogers, etc… 

I came across Frankenstein on a social media group. I make it a habit to read at least one book by independent authors a month, so I thought I would give this ago. From the opening paragraph, I was intrigued and hooked. I read it slowly, taking only about a chapter a night to completely immerse myself in the story. The author pays a lot of fan service to those who, like me, watch more science fiction than they read. I found myself chuckling at the inventiveness of certain references.

For what appears to be the first book in a series, A.D. tells a compelling stand alone story, at the same time, left me looking forward to Supra Project Book 2. 

As an author and storyteller myself, I get what goes into weaving a tale. I understand the passion one feels about getting words on the printed page – the way the author bleeds from their very soul to share their vision. When I complete a story, and ask others to read it, I never ask if they like the story – I ask if they think I told a good story.

A.D. Wayne tells a good story. A story I highly recommend.


I love this book on so many levels, but it’s the characters that kept me on the edge of my seat! My favorite is Alaska!

This is an action-packed thrill ride with a couple of sensual scenes that made me blush, but nothing over the top, and quite necessary to the plot and developing action. Excellent!

I love how the Author addresses PTSD, anxiety and phobias – Frankie, our hero, has flaws and frailties that are very real, and we see how she grows throughout the story – excellent character!
I see glimpses of Star Trek, Farscape, Firefly, and many other timeless science-fiction influences! Well done!

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys pure escapism and edge of your seat adventure!


Excerpt of Frankenstein…

Chapter 1: I’m All Out Of Bubblegum

The ship now seemed entirely emptied, and she got a message on her earpiece, “Frank! Answer me! Did we hear an explosion, are you, all right? For fuck sake, Frank answer!” She turned on her vocal emitter, and said, “Yes, I caused the explosion.” Her superior officer, Commander King, had orders to keep Frankie safe at all costs, and right now, she was several hundred meters away from him in a ship full of very hungry Rakes, “How the fuck do you suggest coming back? You blew up the only passage to their working teleportal beam!”

Frankie, with a cool tone in her voice, answered, “It was a risk I was willing to take.” The Commander didn’t find it one bit amusing, “That’s funny because see. I am the Commander, and you’re the Lieutenant. I make the decision, you follow my orders.” Frankie followed a curving corridor and decided to slow down, “Yeah, well I came here to chew bubblegum, and kickass. I have two plasma guns with a few shots left, and no bubble gum. You do the math.”

Frankie knew Commander Nakamo King wouldn’t understand her reference. Nobody on her ship understood her puns from the twenty-first century since she was the only one out from her timeline. She then turned off the device entirely. Frankie knew she would find her crewmates approaching the place where they were ambushed by Rakes, that according to King, weren’t supposed to be onboard the abandoned ship. The air was heavy and humid, the stink of the place burned inside Frankie’s nostrils who wanted to beam out of the ship as soon as she could. But first, she had to free her men.

Frankie might not have been military material, or at least she thought so until saved by Icefall II’s Captain. But she had proven herself time, and time again. All those hours spent playing warfare video games were suddenly paying off, and helped protect herself from something she possessed that made her quite precious to the Captain of her ship.

The cries were loud, long, and agonizing. The mumbling, and what sounded like the chewing sounds of animals crawled its way to Frankie’s ears who feared what she was about to see when turning to the room on her right. She looked at her forearm bracer where it displayed a monitor screen of all Icefall II members. She saw the fainted life signs of her crewmates and then turned on the 3D holographic blueprint of the ship showing that on her left would be the feasting room.

She closed her eyes, knelt to the ground as slowly as she could, and crawled close to the entrance of the room. Once opened, what she saw, created a sudden gag reflux. There was no more time to be discreet, as she threw up bile on herself. She jumped on her feet and shot the two crewmates. Both of them hung from the ceiling by metallic hooks resembling ones used by fishermen. It pierced through the bruised flesh on their backs. Denuded, the two men were hanging, their head falling forwards. A wide X incision covered their abdomen, buckets at their feet, letting the blood drip down as Rakes exposed their tongues.

When Frankie saw the scene, she expected as much, but not for both crewmen to lift their heads up, orbits emptied from their eyeballs, and screaming without a tongue to articulate their pain. She shot them both between the eyes, and their heads fell forward instantly once she shot them both out of their misery. Twenty-eight Rakes came forward, angry, as they showed their long curving claws perfect to grip their prey as she stepped back. Frankie analyzed the situation rapidly and calculated her chances of survival if she ran through the ship. 9%. Not high enough. She thought to herself, she needed another strategy.

Frankie noticed a tall man with a black uniform, and a helmet covering his head. Impossible to see through, she blinked and hoped her ocular scanning lenses took a picture. She noticed his belt with a scarab looking device attached to it. “You’ll have to do mate!” She propelled herself onto the man, elbowed his head, and then his stomach before injecting herself with the decoding serum, and entered the code, “Sextans A, NGC 3115, Slicer LSS, Authorization Code 05bw3d.”

Frankie shot at the Rakes coming her way until she felt her body dematerializing leaving a sensation of absolute relaxation. Then everything disappeared until she felt stretched out into a tube and instantly rematerialized.

“What was the idea, Lieutenant Stein?”
“Yes, I’m happy I’m alive too.”

Frankie got back on her feet. The man covered in a black military suit was about to lift himself up, so Frankie kicked his head and knocked him out for the third time. She walked down the circular Decoder pedestal, holding her head with one hand. She was covered in soot and sweating like she just went for a hundred-kilometer marathon. King was yelling at her. She had to follow his orders when away on missions. Then Frankie felt shivers grabbing onto her spine crawling its way to the back of her neck when he walked in the room.

“Lieutenant Stein, what is this Khe Agent doing on my ship?”

It seemed as if Frankie lost her words, the entire language indeed. She walked back to the Khe Agent, grabbed his teleportal device also known as a PBU, and unlocked his helmet. She then caught on to its ocular lenses on his eyeballs and retrieved the chip placed in his bracer. She walked down the Decoder and handed it to Captain Caldwell, who had turned forty-nine years old the week before.

“This Khe Agent was the relic we were looking for.” Frankie admitted, “I read his signature when we teleported about the supposedly abandoned ship.” She mentioned slowly looking at her superior officer with a frowned as he affirmed the wrecked ship deserted by the crew. “These objects, once I analyze them, will prove to be the missing parts of previous encoded Grey artifacts left behind. It also proves our theory of the Rakes working alongside the Dome…um…Sir.”

Frankie looked down when her Captain asked with his grave, and commanding voice, “How were you able to use the PBU? You needed access to a Rake code.” Frankie wasn’t about to reveal all of her secrets to her Captain, and so she answered, “As for the Portable Beaming Unit, I…um” She cleared her throat before King said, “She disobeyed my orders, and went on a silly mission to—” Caldwell raised his hand before King, and uninterestingly nodded, his eyes fixed on Frankie, “Yes, yes, yes, subordination, who gives a fuck Commander. We’re at war.”

He had Frankie look into his eyes, “How did you get that code?” She had to think fast, “I hacked their system, and copied one of their codes when I knew a Khe Agent was onboard the ship.” Captain Caldwell smiled, “Moved the prisoner to the brig until Dr. Gillman can start the rehabilitation process.” Before leaving the room, Caldwell glanced at Frankie one last time, subtly winked, and grinned before saying, “Good work, Lieutenant.” Followed by, “Both of you take a shower, and report to Dr. Gillman.”

Frankie couldn’t help but smile, and with the objects in her hands, about to walk out she felt King’s grip on her shoulder. She knew he would again lecture her about how the Captain was a weirdo, and not to let him inside her head. He tried his best to have the Captain lose interest in Frankie, but it never worked. She would get away with many things, but then again, “I’m not a real soldier, Nakamo.” She said.

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