The Frankenstein Force is A.D. Wayne’s Street Team Group. Alexa Wayne is the CEO of Gothic Bite Magazine. If you are interested in joining an amazing and unique crowd of awesome monsters and ghouls, sign up! 

Vampire Me by Alexa Wayne

A.D. Wayne

Author & CEO of Gothic Bite Magazine

A.D. Wayne is a certified Cryptozoologist, Advanced Wicca, and Hoodoo/Voodoo. She studied art, graphic and web design, she’s a self-made paranormal expert!

She went to acting school for 13 years, learned to dance, sing, and developed a passion for the unknown!


Gothic Bite Magazine

The Ghoul Family

Gothic Bite Magazine has a team of writers and experts, all king little monsters who love to help and C.O.O., Kendra Hale, is Alexa Wayne’s #1!

Special effect makeup artist, inker, writer, editor in chief, photographer and proofreader, Kendra does it all!

Email me:

Carey Wayne

Carey Wayne

Writing Assistant

Carey is A.D. Wayne’s little girl and dog. She is her writing assistant and is quite helpful in reminding her to eat and play.

She didn’t study in school, but Carey did learn to become an efficient schedule keeper! She shows love and support and never fails to make A.D. Wayne smiles!

Email me:

Join the FRANKENSTEIN Force!

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