A.D. Wayne is a new horror author. She will participate in a few book conventions and signings over the years. Here, you can keep up with her schedule and activities so that you don’t miss a thing!

This section is now dedicated to events and news about A.D. Wayne! Come by often to see what’s new with her and her horror novel series and projects!


Mrs. Blackwood from Lord Impaler Series

On Tuesday July 30th, 2019 Mrs. Blackwood, the first novel from Lord Impaler series releases! Prepare yourself for a new definition of Gothic Horror taking place in today’s world with a “what if vampires were true, does that mean other creatures are real too?”

Frankenstein from Supra Project Series

On Tuesday August 6th, 2019 Frankenstein, the first novel from the Supra Project launches! A High Science-Fiction Horror novel series ready to push the boundaries of the human mind. It is guaranteed to have you wonder about the possibilities of multidimensional transitions!

The Gravedigger from Lord Impaler Series

On Tuesday January 28th, 2020: The Gravedigger marks the sequel to the Lord Impaler series in the Gothic Horror genre. It is the arrival of the one male all readers wait for. One character that changed history back in the fifteenth century and is back to claim his throne and place as the one undefeated monster. He is the reason for all the monsters to choose the side of day walkers or stay in the dark. If you like history, monsters, legends and folklore, this is for you.

Under Animus from Supra Project Series

On COMING SOON: Under Animus is the sequel to Frankenstein and picks up right where it ended. Frankie’s journey continues with lots of action, deceptions and betrayal as she discovers that her past comes back to haunt her…again.

Bloodletting from Supra Project Series

On COMING SOON: Bloodletting releases from the Supra Project series as a 2.5 novel in the series, marking it as an extra. Revolving around the life of Captain Caldwell and his first step into the multidimensional war happening in the Scorpius quadrant.

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