Character Interview with Author A.D. Wayne – FRANKENSTEIN, Book 1

I want to thank you so much for this opportunity. I enjoyed doing this interview and it means a lot to me to be on your blog. Thank you!

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FRANKENSTEIN, Book #1 from Supra Project Series by Author A.D. Wayne


1. What was the inspiration behind this story?

A.D. Wayne: I am a Trekker, I read Superman, I wanted to create something based on what I love about science fiction and give it life. Characters like Col. Samantha Carter from Stargate SG-1, Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica (remake,) and Mr. Data from Star Trek The Next Generation, are only a few that inspired me. The main one being, Captain Lorca.

2. Tell us about your main character.

A.D. Wayne: My main character is Frankie Stein. She is an IT at CaldTech Industries, abducted and taken from the 21st century only to end up on a starship in the 26th century. She has that natural and nerdy look to her. Jogging pants, Rick & Morty tank tops and shirts, tattoos, and black hair. However, she possesses something that permits her to…

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I Don’t Usually Read Science Fiction

I am touched and incredibly grateful for this review. It touched my heart deeply and I can’t say thank you enough to have read my story.

Short Story Scribe

FRANKENSTEIN (Supra Project Book 1) by [Wayne, A.D.]I love science fiction in every form, except the written. For some reason, I am simply not drawn to Science Fiction books. Occasionally, I will pick one up and read it, but often times it is stories with which I am familiar. Star Trek, Buck Rogers, etc…

I came across Frankenstein on a social media group. I make it a habit to read at least one book by independent authors a month, so I thought I would give this ago. From the opening paragraph, I was intrigued and hooked. I read it slowly, taking only about a chapter a night to completely immerse myself in the story. The author pays a lot of fan service to those who, like me, watch more science fiction than they read. I found myself chuckling at the inventiveness of certain references.

For what appears to be the first book in a series, A.D. tells…

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