New Millennium Plagiarism Put Bloggers At Risk

The new millennium put bloggers at risk with the number of bloggers that now have their work vulnerable to stealing and plagiarism can’t be tolerated.

The True Republic of Pirates No British

Pirates were ridiculed over time, but recently their reputation is closer to the truth including the true Republic of Pirates no British control.

Man Of Steel Are We Missing Something?

Moreover, Superman being a quite superficial superhero, for the most part, missed the mark on digging beneath the surface because Henry Cavill is not much of an actor.

Character Interview with Author A.D. Wayne – FRANKENSTEIN, Book 1

Originally posted on My Books-My World:
FRANKENSTEIN, Book #1 from Supra Project Series by Author A.D. Wayne ? ? 1. What was the inspiration behind this story? A.D. Wayne: I am a Trekker, I read Superman, I wanted to create something based on what I love about science fiction and give it life. Characters like…