At Phantom’s End Coming Soon


A woman becomes a secret agent to recover alien technology. Little did she know her entire world would change.

The World’s Intelligence

For millennia humankind fought each other to prove who is the strongest and who should rule over others. The fear of becoming the conquered overgrew and now is part of humankind’s genes. Present in our DNA is the desire to protect our land. We learned it is better to divide and conquer. It is no surprise that we are, not explorers.

Armies were never enough. Our societies grew in age to believe they were superior. As a result, to keep their superiority, one must prove to be smarter than the other. To do so, secret services developed.

Furthermore among them, we know the famous British Intelligence, which inspired James Bond. Moreover, we also know of the United States’ Secret Service, which gave birth to a non-existent department, the IMF, aka Mission Impossible.

What if it wasn’t enough? What if technologies from beyond our reach fell on Earth’s soil and orders were to retrieve those? This technology couldn’t belong to any countries, not the planet, then whom would give the orders?

It would be up to a World Secret Service governed by people who see beyond borders. People who see Earth as a whole and not divided by any means. People devoted to people.

IMF Logo from Mission Impossible
IMF Logo from Mission Impossible

It would belong to The Noire Division or also known as, Division 8.

The Noire Division

The Noire Division was created by people sent back in time to help recover advanced extraterrestrial technologies. Allied with the most powerful technological company, CaldTech Industries, they form agents to infiltrate their enemies, the Dome Corporation.

Agent A72 and A09 are the most efficient, but they also take the greatest risks. They carry within them genetics sought by the Dome, permitting them to live outside regular space-time. Change the past and the future becomes uncertain. The Noire Division is the only secret agency left to protect the multiple dimensions.

Alongside the Dome, other humans desire to join the corporation to ensure their future. The alien technology was spread around the globe, and because of this, it is harder for The Noire Division to find. In the great North, one ship is buried under the slowly melting ice. Protecting it at all costs might bring The Noire Division to its knees.

A72 and A09 must find all the missing pieces and kill those who stand in their way. Earth’s future depends on it. Welcome to the Agency. Welcome to Noire.

It Starts At Phantom’s End

Captain Caldwell fled to the Alliance, after rescuing refugees and prisoners. He stole two warships from his home planet, Scorpio. His only goal was to make a deal with planet Liberty, and to help win the multidimensional war.

When forced to lead a rescue mission to save one of the greatest assets of the war, Agent A72 from Division 8, Caldwell learns about the top-secret files. His reckless ways earned him a demotion to Captain for the Liberty Fleet, leaving A72 wondering if that wasn’t what he wanted all along.

The Liberty Fleet Badge by A.D. Wayne
The Liberty Fleet Badge by A.D. Wayne

After all, Caldwell was to rescue A72 and he did. Now, he would rescue the most powerful being…a 21st Century woman named, Frankenstein.

What To Expect

For one thing, The Noire Division is a series of full-packed secret agents action. In other words, it has everything you want from the thrill of the chase to the steam of a hot night. The Agents travel from one place to the next with every mission and meet dangerous people. Every mission marks a closer step to retrieve all alien technology.

SAW - Movie Franchise Logo
SAW – Movie Franchise Logo

If you are a fan of Mission Impossible, James Bond, and horror movies such as the first Saw among others, this is for you. In addition, if you enjoy thrillers, mysteries, horror, and action, The Noire Division is tailored for your needs.

The Author Behind The Noire Division

In a word, A.D. Wayne is an overly creative woman who has an odd obsession with research. Therefore, she brings novels often based on factual findings or twisted scientific speculations.

A.D. Wayne is the author of the high science fiction series, The Obsidian File and its first book, Frankenstein. Also, The Noire Division and its first novel, At Phantom’s End.

The Noire Division — At Phantom’s End comes out on Tuesday, August 13th, 2019.

Published by Alexa Wayne

I wrote my first novel when I was 12 years old. I am the creator of Gothic Bite Magazine and author of the Lord Impaler and Supra Project series. I love the unknown, pseudo and speculative sciences. I'm a weirdo nerd who loves to draw what I'm passionate about.

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