Frankenstein Coming Soon

The Liberty Fleet Badge by A.D. Wayne

A 21st-century woman fights aliens when transported into the future. Here, Science Fiction Meets Horror.

The Horror of Space

Space is a horrific place when one thinks about it. It’s a vacuum where, if there is no oxygen, life will be sucked right out of you. It is a place where your blood boils before it evaporates. Space is no place for the faint of heart.

If you have no intention of fighting for your place in the galaxy, do not fly above our atmosphere where there is no gravity. Just like you wouldn’t go into a fight without expecting a nosebleed at the very least, stay on Earth where it is safe – for the moment.

The Liberty Fleet Badge by A.D. Wayne
The Liberty Fleet Badge by A.D. Wayne

Then again, what if here in the comfortable era of the Twenty-first century, aliens and humans from the future would come knock on your door and say: “We need you.” What would your answer be?

Let’s face it. Time is not linear. It is a wave where each dimension past, present, and future coexist. That’s where the idea of The Obsidian File series emerged.

The Obsidian File

Slicer was built to map the multi-dimensional wormholes and black holes in the universe. The crew would go where no one else would dare, as there was no guarantee of ever returning home.

Commanded by a rather strange captain, the crew is facing the darkest demons that the universe has to offer. The Slicer crew is living on high alert.

The Dome, associated with the Rakes and the Alliance, force Captain Caldwell to try and bring an end to their reign of terror. Meanwhile, they enslave each solar system, one by one, throughout the multi-dimensional map to reach the Grey Codex.

Frank N. Stein is caught in what appears to be a multi-dimensional war. Unknown to her, she carries within her the DNA, and knowledge of the Greys.

Frankie is just a 21st-century ufologist, forced to become much more than she ever expected when abducted by Caldwell. Now, like the crew of the Slicer, she lives outside the multi-dimensional timeline to protect its integrity.

Welcome, to the 26th Century!

Meet Frankenstein

Frankie is a 21st-century computer programmer, turned ufologist when the members of a crew approach her from the LSS Slicer. The starship is commanded by Captain Caldwell.

She becomes their most significant asset in the multi-dimensional war. It is between their enemies, the Dome, and Rakes in the Scorpio Quadrant, and the supposedly good guys, the Alliance in the Orion Quadrant.

Within Frankie’s DNA is the infinite knowledge of the Greys, and how to take over their technology. Frankie is supposed to keep it safe, as it could easily mean the end of the Milky Way, and life as she knows it.

Caldwell promises to keep history safe by reintegrating it, while others seem to believe he is not whom he appears to be.

The mission: save time and space from the 26th Century.

What To Expect

The Obsidian File series is a high science fiction series filled with action. Mysteries and horror of the gory and thrilling genre. TOF is the promise of a mix of many speculative sciences, physics and ufology and of course, nightmares.

Prepare for a close encounter of the multidimensional kind.

Who Is A.D. Wayne

A.D. Wayne is an overly creative woman who has an odd obsession with research. She brings novels often based on factual findings or twisted scientific speculations. A.D. Wayne is the author of the high science fiction series, The Obsidian File and its first book, Frankenstein.

Published by Alexa Wayne

I wrote my first novel when I was 12 years old. I am the creator of Gothic Bite Magazine and author of the Lord Impaler and Supra Project series. I love the unknown, pseudo and speculative sciences. I'm a weirdo nerd who loves to draw what I'm passionate about.

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