Space means infinite. Space means terror. Space means the unknown, and a new author is coming with a series that is sure to blow your mind. But first, a logo must come out to start the intrigue. What is it and what does it mean? Come figure it out!


A.D. Wayne is hosting a giveaway on her Facebook Page! Come by and see it all before your eyes! It is simple and you might enjoy it! Who doesn’t like a chance to win something!

What Do I Do?

1000 Hours, Gregorian Calendar
Milky Way, Solar System, Earth
Mission: Liberty Logo Reveal Giveaway

The Science Fiction Genre is about to be invaded by The Obsidian File Series written by A.D. Wayne.

To infiltrate Earth the author organized a LOGO REVEAL GIVEAWAY! To participate in the assimilation, you need to: LIKE this post, COMMENT, TAG and SHARE the post!

The winner will be chosen by a third-party generator! PRIZE: Amazon Gift Card + A Signed Copy of the Special Variant Cover Edition available on August 6th, 2019!

Let the assimilation begin! CLICK HERE!

Published by Alexa Wayne

I am a twisted nerd creative who enjoys writing and drawing! I'm an Author | Blogger | Batmanologist | Professional Nerd | Illustrator | Graphic/Web Designer | Ufologist! I'm the Gothic Bite Magazine creator and can't stop coming up with new stories!

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