World Building Workshop #1

The World Building Workshop is something that I have come up with when realizing that many people in the writing and editing industry thought I mastered well.

I have decided to then help people schedule their own story, game, LARP, fan fiction, script and more to help with the overall idea of their own story.

The Idea

My editor was visiting back in March 2018, we have been working together for almost two years at that point. She saw my writing evolved with her help and support. She had me work as a writer and contributor to her website, The Geek Initiative.

Also, I had become a review of Star Trek Discovery for TGI as I am an avid and active Trekker.

When visiting, we both worked on our respective project, her as an editor and me as a writer. She saw the document I have created for myself for all novels project that I had going on.

Impressed and wondering how I was able to keep such a neat and tight guideline to follow, I explained to her that my OCD had me think a certain way when planning something such as a story to tell.

The Frankenstein Series
The Frankenstein Series

She asked me to help her schedule her many projects and so I did, following the same type of guideline I would use for my novels. I might not have the right take the credit for all of it, as I took masterclasses and workshop to help, but what I came up with, was an amalgam of all that I’ve learned and what I judged was missing.

When that was done, Tara, my editor, came up with the idea that I should give a workshop on how to create a guideline of a novel. What I’ve decided to focus it on though, was the world building.

World Building Workshop

When reading a novel nowadays, it is very hard for an author to be efficient with the very demanding publishers or self-publishing market. Many authors that I follow, come up with one to two novels a month to keep up with the demand of a highly consuming society.

To be efficient and quick, guidelines and strict A to B directions are necessary. I was able so far to keep a pace of 1 short novel a month as a self-published author.

The Lord Impaler Series
The Lord Impaler Series

My editor being Tara M. Clapper since the beginning, we have developed a professional relationship that is very effective. She knows me, I know her, so when comes to the time for corrections it is fast and well done.

Nevertheless, before jumping to the editing, you need to have a great chronological story that follows a very strict timeline.

To achieve such a goal, it is imperative that a neat and well-detailed guideline is in place. This will not only help you save money with your editor, it will also make it easier for your editor to do her/his job.

Here is an example of the first class.

Alexa Wayne
Alexa Wayne

2nd Class to Come

Next Friday will be my second class, it will focus on the overall world development. I will go in detail of the importance of choosing your world, its societies and go in depth with the idea of how you can use a world to embellish your story and use it as a way to back up the entire adventure your hero is on.

World building is often something that isn’t really thought of nowadays and yet, it’s something that is crucial to a good story. Little details can make or break a novel, and that is what I’m teaching to avoid.

Frankenstein – Supra Project Series by A.D. Wayne

I want everyone to be successful in his or her endeavor because I’ve seen it and lived too many times where author authors want to keep his or her secrets to themselves or publishers want to shut the door at your face without providing any insight.

If you wish to take a look at what I write, you can find me on Author Central on Amazon.

I’m not one of those. If I can help, I will.
The OCD Nerd
Alexa Wayne

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